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## Code of conduct

All users on this platform are expected to follow this COC. Not following may be met with account strikes or disabled accounts.

- Avatars and banners _must_ be SFW. This is because the Fediverse does not contain any age filters. If your profile is _not_ SFW, Administration will issue a warning and remove your banner or avatar. Repeated offenses will result in suspensions.
- This is not a free speech zone. Keep Nazi/alt-right rethoric out of here. It's not complicated, so do it plz.
- Keep things friendly. Harassment of any kind, wether on or off instance is and shall not be tolerated.
- Do not sexualize minors.

All of these also apply to external servers. We follow dzuk-mutants [blockchain](https://github.com/dzuk-mutant/blockchain), but if something flies under the hood, please report the domain to @noirscape (or alternatively, PR it to dzuk directly, although a report will assure I'll move on it faster).

Our CW policy is fairly simple: Keep all NSFW content behind a CW that indicates it's CW. Keep anything you think might be disturbing behind a CW. CWs should not be misleading. Use your own judgment on this.

## Registration

Accounts on this server must be approved prior to use. This is to cut down on spam registrations. After approval, join the [discord](https://discord.gg/BppQXMU) and ping noirscape with your account name to be approved.

## Bot policy

Our instance is BOT friendly! If you have a bot that you think the Fediverse will benefit from, you can register it here. That said, the following additional policies apply:
- You are responsible for what your bot posts. If your bot retoots stuff from Twitter or aggregates content from Reddit and this content is running in oposition to our rules, the bot will be disabled.
- Your profile metadata has to contain the Fediverse account that operates the bot under the name "Operator". See @ylws8bot for an account that has this set up properly. This is so that we know who to contact if the bot acts up.
- Your account may not spam the Fediverse with messages. If your bot posts in high frequency (4 toots every 10 minutes at most, this doesn't account for bots that post in bursts every hour, burst bots should post at most 20 toots an hour), please set it to not post on the Fediverse.
- Mark all bot accounts as bots.