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Note -> I'll be investigating everything under Violent speech cases manually myself at some point and _might_ promote some silencing to suspensions.

Reasoning they're currently silenced is that I'm not ruling out there might be one or two genuine users who signed up on the wrong site.

And of course anything under Violent speech cases that already was suspended for harassment will _stay_ suspended for harassment.

Further updates to blocklist:

- Everything under "Violent speech cases"(/not a safe space) has received a silencing.
- Exemptions are made for and based on the idea that anyone registering on these domain names just isn't likely to engage in good behavior based on the name alone.

Updating domain blocks for my instance:

- Everything in the dzuk-mutant/blockchain under harassment has received a suspension.
- Same for the sole entry under spam.

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Someone asked me if I could give them feedback on their rules and I ended up writing a guide instead, whoops.

I also have rules for the instance I moderate (, which is licensed CC BY-SA if anyone wants to use them for their own instance:

In a shocking twist of events, the publisher won't be laying off 800 people.

Not sure if this is funny or sad. Probably both.

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sure client mods def enable you to do that but then discord will go "no dont, doing what you want with code that is running on your machine is illegal"

So, introducing @hibp . A bot that reposts the Twitter account of haveibeenpwned. Done because I kinda wanna stay up-to-date on data breaches on the fediverse.

Enjoy if you also will find some use out of it. It's not official (I ain't Troy Hunt) and it checks for new tweets every hour.

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Putting this here since I can't be assured GBATemp staff won't remove it.

For proof, just see some of my older toots.

Probably the saddest about losing the source of my whatsapp profile pic, it's a smug image I really liked but I can't for the love of my life figure out where it's from.

Well, my phone lasted a year.

Files app broke so I had to wipe it. Mostly just annoying tbqh.

Omsk is a beautiful town but just a bit too far away.

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CutTheCord update: F-Droid support Show more RETRO IS BACK.

Also delays, but that's totally worth getting rid of Bandai Namco.

I'm not sure how to feel when "daily show"-style comedy shows are more representative of proper journalism than the actual news. What a world we live in.

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