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If y'all value your switches, don't update to 6.2.

Keygen changes.

ETA: However long it takes to break + however long it takes to implement.

Seems a specific TX shill just played their hand.

This got deleted from GBATemp (rightfully so, but it's interesting to see the tactics these guys use.)

Don't use the SX OS 2.3 emuNAND, it's just their sysNAND hackjob moved to the SD card.

This just means you're gonna corrupt the entire filesystem when using it (exFAT is broken as hell already even when not hacked, and constant read/writes to a file are just bad in general.)

Maybe the first article is a tad dated, but bloody ell. Never used Tinder and this sure as hell aint inviting to anyone who wants to use it. Fair warning to all on it, you might want to read this and consider if you still wanna be on it.

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It doesn't matter how "justified" you think it is, you are bringing potentially life-threatening harm on them.

This may almost look out of the blue, but I'm seeing a _lot_ of folks crawl out of the woodwork that are ""well, doxxing is a bad thing _buuuut_ since they did this, it's okay".

Let me make it abundantly clear here just once: Doxxing is not good. You're tossing someones private information out there in the open for any crazed unstable idiot to get their hands on and do something dangerous with it.

Okay, since I really just want to make sure something here: My tweets about Creatable_ and JellyPerson are -not- to be used as an excuse to harass or doxx any of them.

I'd also like to note that even though I morally find their actions reprehensible, the fact that they got doxxed is still a -bad thing-. No "well, they were assholes so who cares". This one goes in the category of "you don't fucking doxx people even if theyre sacks of shit, internet hate mobs are not a good thing".

Also seems the dude that tried to layeredFS AM2R over UT took down their work...

This is a shame, it was a project I was really looking forward to, AM2R is a great game and I'd love to be able to play it on my Switch.

Sometimes it's time to name n shame.

JellyPerson and Creatable_. Don't ever trust these two again.

Reasoning: Released a Switch bricker in the form of a pseudo Pokemon Let's Play Pikachu NSP.

Didn't brick w/ this myself, but the practice of doing this should be called out.

Funnily enough when I _am_ loading KIPs, boot times are identical.

I expected it to be slower, but guess I was mistaken there.

So just for fun, I've decided to measure Atmosphere 0.7.4 with 0.7.5

Measurements were done up from selecting entry in Hekate 4.2 to HOS (Nintendo) logo.

No fs.mitm outside of boot2 and creport (bundles mitm) or exefs_patches were loaded for this test. No kips were loaded either.

- 0.7.4. - 23 seconds
- 0.7.5. - 13 seconds
That's a 45% decrease in loading time!

Very nice! DRAM training works.

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