lmao did the UK really add porn IDs to the internet.

Man, I can't wait for Joker to be in smash.

Saw the gameplay video earlier this morning. They really seem to have gone and put a lot of effort into making him very interesting to play as.

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Since it's a rather personalized "thing" and I'm _pretty_ sure there's a copyright on Kirigiris logo, I won't be putting it on the AUR.

For anyone wanting this splash somehow, you can get it on my arch repo ( github.com/noirscape/arch-repo ) if you're running x86_64 and if you're running any other arch, you can easily build it yourself here: gitlab.catgirlsin.space/noirsc

Also, full credit to kahlil88 on DeviantArt for the original splash code/images. Would probably never have written it without that tidbit.

Okay for fucks sake, I can't believe I have to say this.

No, Switch FW 8.0 will not fuck with AutoRCM. That is misinformation spread by a Team Xecuter admin.

Yes, CFW is currently unbootable but that hasn't much to do with AutoRCM, that's due to other factors.

Okay, so to quickly note about :
- He's likely in Russias pocket. (No criticism of Russia has been put on WikiLeaks since 2010 and he has called the Panama Papers a disinformation campaign by the US to character asssasinate Putin.)
- He's the one responsible for not vetting Mannings leaks, resulting in the lives of Jews in Bagdad being put in danger as their location was exposed.
- He intentionally has tried to manipulate the 2016 elections in favor of letting Trump win.
- He has two rape allegations made against him.

Anyone saying Assange should be freed should probably inspect this list of problems with Assange. At the best case, he is a highly irresponsible dogwhistler. At the worst case, he's a voice for Russia.

@luna Seems to be a relay set up by one of their employees?

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BTW, pytest is very fun. Makes code coverage testing so easy! If you're doing anything that isn't a complicated thing (ie. fetching or parsing data from an API), just write a fucking test for it.

There's even async plugins and a coverage measuring plugin for it.

It literally takes an annotation to be able to test async stuff without having to dick with asyncio loops.

Code coverage is a bit more annoying, I haven't found a solid way to exclude venvs and locals yet, but the reports it generates are invaluable in determining functionality.

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There's a certain uniqueness in writing a test for verifying booru reverse image searching and then needing to pick an image that's either not porn or you can be safely assured is safe enough not to cause any raised eyebrows if you show it off.

Coding line of today:

import requests as fuck_aiohttp

tldr; aiohttp actually decodes url parameters and calls it a "server issue" if you don't want this to occur. Requests doesn't do this and aiohttp is oft advertised as "asynchronous requests".

So fuck_aiohttp and run_in_exeuctor (thanks for that suggestions goes to @luna , I had entirely forgotten it existed!) it is.

So I saw the first episode of Fairy Gone.

Looks decent, bit lacking in characterizing the Main Characters.

Fairy design looks cool as hell though, I hope they can focus on it and work out those kinks.

New feature for that discord bot: reverse searching images that are uploaded to it from monitored channels.

Reverse searches e621, gelbooru and danbooru. (Thanks to colin for these!)

@oct2pus Pretty sure pesterchum the desktop app is nothing but an IRC app that is set to connect to a specific server and read commands from a channel, it's not even federating in the slightest.

Okay, EFNet ban lifted.

Still not sure how I got landed with a ban for "hacking" to begin with. Suspect it might have been the SSH tunnel I used for a bit instead of port forwarding.

We have reached an age where a picture of a black hole can have pornography made of it.

I am not sure whether this is mankind's greatest achievement or greatest sin, but it is _something_. Maybe even both.

Another day passes and another day at which I'm gonna mock @keybase for their utterly stupid implementation of Fediverse verification.

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