Sometimes it's time to name n shame.

JellyPerson and Creatable_. Don't ever trust these two again.

Reasoning: Released a Switch bricker in the form of a pseudo Pokemon Let's Play Pikachu NSP.

Didn't brick w/ this myself, but the practice of doing this should be called out.

So just for fun, I've decided to measure Atmosphere 0.7.4 with 0.7.5

Measurements were done up from selecting entry in Hekate 4.2 to HOS (Nintendo) logo.

No fs.mitm outside of boot2 and creport (bundles mitm) or exefs_patches were loaded for this test. No kips were loaded either.

- 0.7.4. - 23 seconds
- 0.7.5. - 13 seconds
That's a 45% decrease in loading time!

Very nice! DRAM training works.

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