Yup, that Epic games plagiarism thing was an artswap. Epic is clear, artist is wrong and this is bad for any artist online since there's now distrust if someone claims plagiarism that needs to be resolved first.

Nobody wins.

Putting this here since I can't be assured GBATemp staff won't remove it.

For proof, just see some of my older toots.

Meet: GBATemps new strategy to silence criticism of TXs shit. Move the posts to a different thread.

Fuck that shit. They're assholes and they deserve the criticism they get.

NSFW usernames. To anyone else who just wondered what's going on, these accounts just popped up in my federated timeline. Most have NSFW pfps.

More stuff about GBATemp staff not bothering to hide this shit.

Highlight is on "I don't care either way."

This one I think goes under "you're not even hiding it anymore".

Will give full context in a bit.

There was a post here comparing TX donating money to the GBATemp homebrew bounty to Gamergate donating money to anti-harassment while also harassing women.

It's gone now.

Point still holds true. Just because a group does something that looks publicly good doesn't make their behavior automatically right for everything.

Seems a specific TX shill just played their hand.

This got deleted from GBATemp (rightfully so, but it's interesting to see the tactics these guys use.)


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