For the record, if you are someone who collects and hoards things like this, I honestly hope that every single technician you hire makes copies of that stuff.

This stuff runs contrary to any remote idea of "preservation", _especially_ if it's rare material.


Just to follow-up -> I don't think that if you collect rare stuff you are bad per se.

In this case, the cabinets themselves should provide the value for a collector. Like, it doesn't matter how nice the case I'll build around a MAME box is (for example), it's not the original.

That should be the value.

Hoarding the copies of the game and making sure no ROM of it gets out there runs contrary to any and all preservation issues.

I see counterarguments exist that more or less say "if the ROM gets dumped, it loses value", but... the funny part of that is: I don't care.

Preservation of cultural expressions is much more important than making money from it.

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