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#Emby has officially gone closed-source, putting more impetus on this project to provide a Free Software fork/alternative to Emby. The new project can be found at and is now GPLv2.0.

Big differences:
* no features/membership (freemium like emby was)
* no abusive CLA for contributors that allows the company to close the sourceโ€ฆ
* committed to free software (they have already replaced the infamous blobs bundled along emby)

- article:
- fork subreddit:
- annouces:

#jellyfin #foss #opensource

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Just saw Hellsing Ultimate Abridged episode 10.

This was a good series.

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So here's another random title from a tumblr blogpost: MILF month 2018.

>archiving NSFW tumblr
>first blog is already farting fetishes.

Man these next few days are gonna be a treat.

Shill it, spread it to all that you follow, ArchiveTeam is backing up NSFW Tumblr and it needs your help! Download the Warrior from here -> and select the Tumblr project and select a nickname. This is a large project, any and all help is greatly appreciated.



Only solid way to exclude this stuff is w/ robots.txt (which respects but ArchiveTeam doesn't). Unfortunately for Tumblr users... you can't put that file on your blog, so I'd suggest asking Tumblr/Yahoo/Verizon to add a robots.txt to their domain excluding your blog.; (note -> linked stuff aint exactly SFW)

Note: If you're concerned about this stuff, note that it's all being fed to anyway. They've probably been archiving your stuff through accidental crawls for years now. This is just a dedicated effort to make sure those crawls stay up-to-date.

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BTW when it comes to archiving, interested folks may want to keep track of (irc logs of the tumbledown channel from ).

If the project is live on the warrior, I'll give some links on how to deploy it/set it up.

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Facebook Security Engineer at the talk I was earlier:

"So yeah Instagram is Python, Facebook is a big monolith in PHP... (we hate it.)"

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The most frustrating thing is that this US legislation is forced onto basically the whole world, just because FB is based in the US.

Who wants to help me build EuroTumblr?
RT Me, eight months ago: SESTA/FOSTA means simply being gay online is prohibited and will get you banned.

Straight people: lmao, you're overreacting

Facebook, today: You're not allowed to say "I'm gay" or "I'm a top".


So, finally playing TWEWY.

First thoughts: man that OST is catchy.

Well, rip Tumblr.

Time to start dumping porn blogs I guess.

Never thought my archiving fetish would ever get so uh... intermixed with real fetishes ๐Ÿ˜†

Also, comiccon was awesome. Got like, so much shit. Also took a couple of pictures w/ some cosplayers!

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