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Exit polls: FvD collapses coalition with 10 seats.

D66 loses a fuckton of seats (7 seats).

One seat margin, FvD can end up equal with VVD (12 seats), that's both with 11 seats.

Fuck these fascists.

FvD 8 seats. This isn't improving my mood in the slightest.

10 seats for FvD (local fascist party) in South Holland exit polls. Terrifying.

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#Firefox 66 rolls out this week. In fact ETA is from later TODAY

Get ready for media autoplay blocking. Please note:

Whilst immediately available (versions 66+) it will NOT be enabled by default, to ensure a smooth transition for all users. Over the course of the following week this WILL be enabled in increasing numbers until fully implementated for all users.

I've been testing it Nightly. You'll love it!

Hey hey hey! :v I hope you're running the latest mastodon master, because otherwise I'm not sure if these polls will show up?

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"I will send this ugly recording to everyone you know"

Hey anonymous hacker man, you don't have to be mean about it. :flan_aw:

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i want to take jesse, james and meowth from the regular pokemon series and place them into a more fun and open animated show where they are free to be themselves 100% of the time instead of 50% of the time and also its like significantly more gayer and queer and theres an entire character arc dedicated to meowth finding their own identity

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Specific shoutout to his reading of the _entirety_ of Old Man Henderson, including the directors cut.

So uh... let me just tell you about this really good content creator (note, zero affiliation) called Cloak And Dagger. He's basically making audiobooks from DnD greentexts and shit.

It's really cool and I've been listening to his stuff for well over a year now so I thought I'd like uh share it.

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Someone send help, I have that Mafia City ad stuck in my head.

So if you for some godforsaken reason want to toss me some cash, I _think_ I got this working properly.

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Facebook stopt met controversiële vpn-app Onavo Facebook trekt zijn vpn-app Onavo terug uit de Google Play Store. Ook stopt het bedrijf met het aannemen van nieuwe deelnemers voor de omstreden Facebook Research-app, schrijft TechCrunch. #Internet #Tech

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