So I saw Crimes of Grindelwald yesterday.

Am I the only one that finds Grindelwald a more compelling villain than Voldemort? Grindelwald just feels... smarter.

Also my dad somehow drew the conclusion that Credence == Voldemort. Note: Factually impossible.

The movie was pretty fuckin good. If Fantastic Beasts was Rowlings first attempt at writing a movie script, then this is the one that knocks it out of the park! Really looking forward to the sequel!

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amusing how electron is named after one of the smallest things in existence, however it's actually a bulky ass browser as a development environment

Under DBAD license. Processes the excellent blocklist by @blockchain to the csv format supported by latest mastodon master.

So we're uh... back into bizniz. Kind of. Stuffs still a little clunky, but I finally figured out why my docker refused to build.

The cooking system is pretty easy to fix as well, just let me cook straight from the inventory when near a cooking spot. This is a case where "realism" (can only cook one thing at once, having to hold ingredients) hinders actual "fun". It's just tedious.

Also, make cooked recipes register in the Hyrule compendium, that way I don't need an external FAQ to see what cooks well together and what doesn't.

That said, the characterization of the world is mostly well done (except for the one Champion I've met who seems to literally only be "I crush on Link", which is just a terrible flat character).

Fixing the first two is pretty easy. High tier weapons should have massively reduced durability damage against trash mobs or alternatively make weapon restoration possible a la dark souls (and for gods sake make it possible to pawn off weapons at the store).

Enemy attacks just needs rebalancing.

BOTW is mostly good. That said, the difficulty is an utter flatline. The only challenge is in your skill in the puzzles.

Weapon scaling is thanks to the shoddy durability almost non-existent (you'll be using trash weapons on trash mobs which will last about as long as well... trash, meaning each encounter takes equally as long).

Enemy attacks are either OHKOs or "so weak you might not bother with it" and the cooking system makes health restoration annoying since encounters dont heal anymore.

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Meet: GBATemps new strategy to silence criticism of TXs shit. Move the posts to a different thread.

Fuck that shit. They're assholes and they deserve the criticism they get.

Also pro tip to anyone using _any_ form of Docker thing: Make a tempfile with fallocate. If shit hits the fan on storage, delete the tempfile. You can't actually control docker if it's out of disk space, so fallocate makes sure you always have at least _some_ space available.

That's a good thing, it was getting kinda annoying to have to purge media constantly.

Huh, I turn off the Relay and suddenly my instance ins't flooded anymore with media storage pointlessly clogging up storage space.

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Okay gonna disable the relay for now, bloody hell, my Mastodon keeps filling up the disk space.

Okay, some props to the humblr guy, admittedly, I didn't see this issue:

Boosting this since I think it'd be super-duper-useful to have.

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"Project Zero found a total of 11 bugs in WebRTC, FaceTime and WhatsApp. The majority of these were found through less than 15 minutes of mutation fuzzing RTP. We were surprised to find remote bugs so easily in code that is so widely distributed. There are several properties of video conferencing that likely led to the frequency and shallowness of these issues." #webrtc #facetime #whatsapp #security

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